Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brainstorm Watch #1

One of the funniest website I know is the one made by/for a group of freetards who are trying to develop a Windows 95 like desktop operating system. Yes, that is the Ubuntu Brainstorm, where people can share their genius ideas like: Need a CD/DVD burner that has no bugs and just works or if OpenOffice 3.0 takes really too much time to start-up then (silence please) make it faster !!!

Because I am really impressed by this new wave of ideas, I will try to make these even more popular, so I am starting
the Brainstorm Watch series.

Let the fun begin!

  • OpenOffice 3.0 takes really too much time to start-up : ya, this huge monolitic application is really heavy, but no problem the solutions are here:
    • Solution #1: Speed start-up of OpenOffice: man, I am shocked... and he continues: Probably not all features should be loaded when starting program. When some one needs some feature it could be loaded on demand. Yes, probably. But probably the developers knows this, and probably it's very hard to make it modular now because probably it is poorly designed.
    • Solution #2: Work on c/c++ alternatives to use them in later release: today I don't have time, but tomorrow after 5:00 PM I will make a c++ alternative to OO, so don't cry.
    • ... and finally a more realistic comment: Canonical should start a paid version of Ubuntu desktop, which should have more stable and tested software. Only then can they actually work on individual apps better, its not possible without funds. Ya, and if it's about paid things, here is my solution: take MS Office and have a nice day.

  • Gimp is slower than other photo editing software : ..... you poor GIMP..... basically it's not that bad, but they have to fight with the fact that Linux does not have a professional graphics editor and everybody thinks they will fix this. Hope dies last.
    • Solution #1: Make Gimp faster: it's a bit boring to comment this...
    • Solution #2: Help develop a new paint suite: this is more interesting.... Non-destructive filters, Object based editing and change tracking, GPU accelerated ... I think this will be easy. Today I don't have time, but as I told you tomorrow after 5:00 PM we can fix the OpenOffice and the GIMP problem. BTW, when you say "Help develop" what do you mean?

  • Abandoned softwares are unusable after one year : ...first..why? are they rotting? .... ah, the legendary Linux backward compatibility....
    • Solution #1: Keep the old packages in the newer repositories: and advertise Ubuntu as a distro with sooooo many useful software.
    • Solution #5: Notify Bloggers, Who Will Provide Information About Maintained Software: for example me.
    • My solution: put a HUGE RED exclamation mark before every abandoned software title in your nice package manager and play the "Critical Stop.wav" if the user still wants to install it. Doing this, you will help people to save precious time and you will contribute to world peace.
That is for today. Good bye.