Friday, February 20, 2009

The spirit of free software

While the followers of RMS are fighting with the evil using and defending their communist license it seems that they forget to respect the others:
  • Medibuntu shouldn't distribute software against their license. Inside the medibuntu repos you offer packages which violate most likely the distribution policy of these products.
Let's say what the first poster says:
  • To put in a nutshell, because that's the purpose of Medibuntu (like debian-multimedia for debian or plf for mandriva for example).
Should I comment this?

BTW Launchpad looks great. I am sure that I can download and install on my machine. Or... What???

Launchpad, the software founded by the father of the most popular open source system is not free software ?!?!? I am destroyed... But the boss will explain why:
  • Launchpad has been criticized by the Jem Report and other members of the free software community for not being available under a free license, such as the GNU GPL, despite its aims. The developers have stated that they aim to eventually release it under a free software license, but that it could potentially take years.
    Founder Mark Shuttleworth responded to this criticism that Launchpad needs paid-programmers to continue the development of the Launchpad platform and that there would be no point in developing multiple versions of Launchpad due to the probable incompatibility of the forks. However, this has still left some members of the open-source movement dissatisfied.
Paid-programmers? No forks? No source code? Where are the great benefits of being open source?

Nowhere, good software needs exactly this and not a bunch of loud fanboys.

Oh, oh, life is complicated.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Locked into the repository

I hate package management systems. The biggest problem with them, that they are forcing you to use a specific version of the software.

Apt, yum or pacman (ya, it is a requirement to develop the same thing again and again) is one of key feature of every damn distro. Videos like this are heart touching. Easy, easy, update, ugrade, choice, freedom, more than 20.000 packages, freedom again, and choice again.

(A special warning for linux beginners: do NOT use Synaptic, because it is too easy and you will look stupid on the forums.)

If you want OpenOffice 3 on a distro with v2.4 then you are fucked. You can a do this but be aware of this. Oh, I have found the solution: you don't need that anyway.

With real world operating systems you go to the program homepage, choose a PREFERRED version/edition and go with download/install. Please observe the possibility of the REAL CHOICE. Eventually you can remove the whole OpenOffice shit safely without destroying the half of your system, because of a stupid dependency problem.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Yes yes another anti linux blog...


With this blog I am trying to counterbalance the COCK spread by the freetard community.

I am thinking to set this url as my home page:

  • Its open architecture guarantees that it is almost 100% bug free, and even if some bugs occur, they are being fixed in a matter of hours.
So, Debian should go to hell with Lenny, because Ubuntu is also ("almost") 100% bug free.

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Note: this blog is experimental, changes to existing posts are possible and most probably will never be consequent and structured. So it is like a linux distro. And it is free to read and somehow open source (just send me your patches). Being free and open also means I may cancel anytime without any notification.