Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ubuntu\Kubuntu LTS: a joke!

The Windows 7 wannabe KDE Software Compilation 4.5.2 was released!
As the announcement says this release brings bugfixes and translation updates and is a RECOMMENDED update for everyone running earlier versions. In other words they give a shit on every bug found in the previous versions. This is OK! Or this is ok IF you are not using Kubuntu and you are not cheated by Cannonical's LTS promise: three year support, which in reality means nothing, lots of bugs are NEVER fixed.
Just try to upgrade Kubuntu to KDE 4.5.2. Before doing this first look at their website:

There are no packages planned for Kubuntu 10.04 LTS, we recommend updating to 10.10 if you want to try the newest software, either upgrade to the release candidate or wait for the final release on Sunday.


So if you are an LTS user and you want the new KDE with the included bugfixes, then you are invited to upgrade your system to an unfinished, intermediary version. Wunderbar!

Interesting thing is they have 4.5.1 in the 10.04 ppa, but this time some lazy idiots decided they are free software developers and they do what they want. Go upgrade to 10.10, but as fast as you can because anyway this new version will be obsolete in 2 weeks when everybody will start to work on 11.04...

Ubuntu 10.10 and Linux Mint Debian Review

Source: YouTube - DAGONLINUX's Channel