Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brainstorm Watch #2

... or how to disrespect developers. This is not about a simple Brainstorm entry, but a general problem with the most popular GNU/Linux system: they don't like development tools! Especially RAD like packages are always very outdated. (Yes, I know: YouDontNeedThat.) This doesn't mean they have too many professional tools, but the few they have are very well hidden somewhere in Synaptic, they are old, buggy, outdated, poorly documented. The brave Cannonical don't really support or try to recommend anything for the poor developers trying to code something on their libre OS. The title of today's story is Eclipse:

  • remove eclipse from the ubuntu repositories : ... poor developers are begging the Ubuntu guys to update this package, since three years...
    But they got only a lot of promises:

    (Eclipse is almost the only, decent developer IDE available in linux distributions and Ubuntu features a three year old outdated version, 3.2)

    Some people say it's easy to get the latest version from the website, because it is only a zip file, but interestingly in the same time is VERY HARD to package. Ok, I don't know too much about a deb package but if is so hard to achieve to store a simple folder in deb file then please drop the whole apt-get-its-soo-easy-to-install-10000-software-with-a-single-click-in-linux thing.

    Even the dictator Mark Shuttleworth have something to say here: The beauty of an open community effort is that it inherits the priorities of everyone who participates. Yes, this does not make too much sense, but he continues: One of our requirements in working with Sun is that Eclipse work well. I fully support the idea of being able to apt-get the latest stable Eclipse. Brilliant. Unfortunately this was 2 years ago. And they still have the aged Eclipse 3.2 version. Go, go, go switch to linux....

    (of course this is normal in a distro based on a software museum (also called sometimes Debian). you have guessed, the bleeding edge sid also has the stone age version of Eclipse)

    So, somebody should wake up the Eclipse team.