Sunday, May 19, 2013

Desktop Status 2013

Gnome 3 - phone ui for your desktop, feature removals, ignorant devs, good for atm machines
KDE 4 - huge mess with ridiculous gradients, misaligned text, cartonish look and chaotic ui
MATE - they are trying hard and yes this is the least bad choice. Be aware people will label you old and a person who cannot see the "innovation" if you happen to use this.
Unity - commercial look, almost usable, spyware
XFCE - would be a great competitor to win95

Cinnamon - like the others looks very good on 200x150 screenshots and is almost promising (if you are not a tablet\cloud\iwannabemac\morecloud type person and ignore the fact that they don't have the manpower to keep the development in sync with the gnome3 base, so the future of this thing is questionable), but like 90% of linux desktop software is plagued with the following problems:
Problem 0: feels unfinished
Problem 1: is really unfinished, small glitches everywhere
Problem 2: they use the words "Traditional layout", so they make themselves obsolete. This is stupid, there is only one layout on PC desktops. Of course you can use an interface made for tablets *if* you are idiot, but that will not make that new and modern.
Problem 3: gtk3